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How we work with your dental insurance

As a courtesy we will perform a complimentary benefits check and update your records with the information provided by your carrier.

Not all carriers provide detailed benefit summaries for all services performed in our practice. It is your  responsibility to notify us of any changes to your insurance provider.  When recommending treatment we will attempt to determine your benefit coverage at your request.

Your insurance benefit summary is not a guarantee of coverage and is only an estimation.  In some cases your insurance may downgrade a service to a less desirable service and pay less than our billable fees, in some cases this may not be determined until after claims have been submitted.  You are responsible for any portion of a fee that is not covered by your carrier.

Insurance coverage may change at any time based on your policy.  For this reason, we do not accept responsibility for balances remaining after payment or denial from your provider.
Benefits used at other provider offices (doctors offices) are not updated automatically.
You should inform us if benefits have been used outside of our office so that we can update your records with current remaining benefits.

Your benefit coverage is updated following each Estimate of Benefits (EOB) we receive within your coverage group.  This allows us to provide more accurate estimations for future services.

Services not estimated to be covered by insurance are due at the time services are rendered.  We do not accept any responsibility for the terms of coverage on any insurance plan.  It is in your best interest to understand your benefits and how your provider reimburses you for services performed.  You should contact your human resources department or insurance provider directly to become more familiar with your specific benefit coverage.